Yianna Waist Trainer

The Amazing Yianna Waist Trainer

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All Sizes Catered For The Yianna waist trainer is available in 10 fabulous sizes from XS to 6XL

Best Quality 100% Natural Latex Covering with 9 Felixboning supports

Super Comfortable The underbust design allows for easy breathing

Reduce Your Waist by upto 3 Sizes INSTANTLY

 Do You Want To look sexy again?, Do You Want To feel sexy again? Do You Want To feel and look great?

If your answer is YES then the Yianna Underbust Waist Trainer is just what you have been looking for.

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What is a Waist Trainer Corset?

A waist trainer or waist trimmer as they are also known is worn by the wear to give a sexy hour glass figure it also works as an instant shaper making you look slimmer

How does it work?
The waist trainer works by compressing your core, much like a regular corset would but these specific types are made for underbust and are made of latex.

Will my waist shrink permanently?
No, your waist will return to its normal size once you remove the waist trainer, however this is not totally true, with a balanced diet along with exercise and by wearing the corset for an hour a day you can obtain permanant lasting results.

How do I wear it?
You wear it under your clothes and it will give your shape a very sexy hourglass figure

What colours do they come in?
The Yianna under bust waist trainer comes in 10 dazzling colours, all of them are extremely feminine with an aluring sexy finish. 

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You Can Look Super HOT!

Large, Small, Wide or Thin
Every woman can get a slimmer waist and incredible curves, available in sizes upto 6XL. Get Ready To Thrill.

Push Them Up and Push That Out
The Yianna waist trainer is fantastic at giving you something extra up front and out behind, so if you want to ooze sex appeal then be prepared for your body to have the WOW! factor.

Have the Look of a Celebrity
By being worn by many famous glamourous celebrities has given the Yianna waist trainer its number one status in the waist trainer market place, can you really settle for cheaper inferior alternatives?

Inexpensive but High in Quality
Manufactured with the very best materials, intensly tested you can be assured of buying something that meets the highest and stricted of standards, you will not be disappointed.

Amazon.com Top Seller
This has been the top seller in waist trainers on Amazon.com for many months, and with over 15,000 sold with 3000+ 5 star customer reviews, these facts speak for themselves.

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Get Beutiful Curves In An instant.

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"The Yianna Waist Trainer is comfortable to wear and easy to put on, I found it very sexy to wear and I was amazed at the shape it gave my body. I have worn it to party's and I have received some very enviable glances. If you want to get a sexy shape instantly then you need to get this right away."
Jenna H, Beauty Therapist , NYC


Easy Fit, For A Perfect Fit

Made to measure fits all sizes.
The 3 rows of 9 fully adjustable hooks that are featured on the waist trainer ensure a comfortable tight fit so that whatever size you are you will get that hour glass look.

Waist cinching can be achieved with continued regular use

Other amazing benefits.
The Yianna waist trainer can be used as a slimming device aswell, if used while exercising the heat generated by the corset can increase assistance for slimming or reducing your waist for permanant waist reduction. The tight fitting of the corset with compression will also benefit your posture whilst you under take muscle workouts, helping you to avoid injury and obtain a permanant slender body shape.


Use It At The Gym!

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Are You Ready For Amazing Results

Simply Fantastic
Every woman wants a shape and the current trend of large bottom and big breasts can be hard to acheive, exercise can help but you can only work with what you are born with, with the waist trainer not only is it inexpensive and looks totally sexy, you get instant results without the hard work at the gym. Your breasts will look larger and higher and your bottom will be more prominant. Wear the trainer under a dress to ooze large amounts of sex appeal, you will have the guys going crazy!

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See why users Love their Yianna Waist Trainer

Maggie, New Orleans
I already have a big butt but this thing made it supersonic! I purchased the 2xl size as I am a big girl and very proud oh yeh, I hate exercise and I don't do diets..no way..i love my food and i ain't too proud to say. My belly is big and my ass is large but my shape is non existent, I got this waist trainer after seeing it on TV it looked ok and was not that expensive. Mine came after a few days I tried it on looked in the mirror and i was like omg i can see hips baby and my butt has a shape oh and my boobs were up up and away, this thing is damn good.
Chloe, Long Island
Gets a 5 star award from me. I am not one for following fads or celebrities but after seeing this on a Facebook post and with a best friends wedding approaching I thought it may be worth a try seeing as i had put on a few pounds. The corset arrived in a few days after ordering and as I was home alone I was really excited to give it a try....Whoaaaaaaaaaa Wow Wow! I swear it transforms your body, I looked slimmer and my bum was looking good for once! this product is dyna-mite.
Taylor, Washington
I have been wearing this for 3 months waist cinching, and I have seen a noticeable reduction in my waist and I am loving the hour glass figure I have gained, i cant stop looking in the mirror at myself. The corset is self is very comfortable to wear it just takes a bit of pulling to get on, but once it is on it feels and look fabulous.
The instant slimming effect is a great reason to go out and buy one.
Ella, Wisconsin
This is the BEST thing EVER!!!!! I am not a skinny girl but this makes me feel so fantastic and it feels really sexy, I love the way my curves look when I am wearing it and my man really likes what he see's. I wear it when we go out and i fell so much more confident with my shape.
Girls you gotta get one of your own right now.