keyshia ka oir waist trainer

KA'OIR WAIST ERASER™ will have your waist, stomach & back looking incredible. This is a fitness product for men and women that burns stomach & back fat, gets rid of excess water and reduces waist size....all this while allowing your abs to become stronger and more visible. The Keyshia ka oir waist eraser allows you to spot train your belly area, back and waist.  The WAIST ERASER™ is safe & super comfortable to wear at bed time or any anytime during the day. You can Burn calories while you're sleeping.  Available in SM-MED, LG-XLG and XL-XXL.

5 Reasons to own the Waist Eraser

1. Super comfortable to wear

2. Burn calories in your sleep!

3. Get a flat belly in weeks not months

4. Made of high quality fabric

5. 93 out of 100 users reported a noticable difference in 21 days

"We will have your Stomach, Back, Waist, and Thighs Looking Great!"

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